Craft Beer in Mississippi Never Ceases To Amaze!

Make Your Own Luck – Lucky Town Brewing

Last week I attended the Mississippi Brewer’s Guild Conference hosted at Lucky Town Brewing Company in Jackson, MS. I shared my Craft Beer Grain Crackers and met some truly inspiring craftspeople, entrepreneurs, and artists!

Yes, I found inspiration at the bottom of a bottle. Watching the craft beer industry grow in Mississippi has given me the courage to launch my own venture.

 A visit to Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company to hear Mark Henderson tell the story of how it all began just over a decade ago helped me to understand what kind of impact one small business can have. Mark and Leslie had a vision and courage to get it started, and inspired a whole new industry to follow the trail they continue to blaze.

The craft beers now being produced in Mississippi are gaining national recognition and can stand up against the best beers being produced anywhere. However, the struggle continues. Locally produced beers only account for a fraction of 1% of sales in the state. These are businesses that are producing great products, ready to grow and become economic engines in a state that desperately needs a kickstart!

Trust me, it is not a sacrifice to DRINK LOCAL; it is an incredible pleasure!

And when it is not appropriate to drink, you can celebrate the flavors of Mississippi craft beers with our Naturally Fermented Craft Beer Grain Crackers, made with grains from our local brewers including Lazy Magnolia and Mayhew Junction in Starkville!

So, drink local, and go with the grain!