Meet my mother, courtesy of The Sourdough Project at Ron Dunn Lab


Family secrets die hard. We love the story that our natural wild yeast sourdough starters are totally defined by their environment. We want to believe that San Francisco produces the best sourdough because of something in the air. We might as well believe it. There’s no way to know for sure. Until now that is. Continue reading “Meet my mother, courtesy of The Sourdough Project at Ron Dunn Lab”

This story is nuts, and worth keeping an eye on

Justin's Hazelnut Button on DeRego's sourdough
Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter on DeRego’s sourdough

It is expensive to be good. It is time consuming and costs a lot of money. So why is it that big corporations with access to limitless resources are the ones to take the short cuts and compromise quality and health? I am afraid its because consumers put up with it or even demand it. But things are changing, at least in food. More people are paying attention to ingredients and where those ingredients come from.

Justin’s Nut Butter is one of those small companies started in a kitchen from a desire to make a simple and great tasting product. Started in 2004, the company was bought last May by the Hormel Corporation for $286 million. Continue reading “This story is nuts, and worth keeping an eye on”

Finding my purpose with a little help from Sir Kensington

Sir Kensington Ketchup labelAs an entrepreneur and introverted-creative-type too shy to be a natural salesman, I approach every cocktail party with a plan to casually practice my pitch on anyone unsuspecting enough to ask, “How’s it going?” What derails this plan every is that the question usually comes out as, “Hey bread man, how’s the bread business?” I immediately go on the defensive to explain that business is good, but my focus is now these craft beer grain crackers and we work with breweries and we ship all over the country, and I keep going trying to turn the confused look into some kind of sign of recognition. I get there eventually, usually with sincere enthusiasm and interest. But it all goes away when the conversation ends with, “That’s cool but I sure do miss your bread.”

The thing is, I have to take full responsibility for receiving compliments and feeling disrespected and misunderstood. Bread is where it all began, but Naturally Fermented Craft Beer Grain Crackers are the future and I want everyone else to get on board with me. I simply have to get better at telling my story and being clear about what the purpose of my business really is. To get some help, I looked to ketchup. Continue reading “Finding my purpose with a little help from Sir Kensington”

Craft Beer in Mississippi Never Ceases To Amaze!

Make Your Own Luck – Lucky Town Brewing

Last week I attended the Mississippi Brewer’s Guild Conference hosted at Lucky Town Brewing Company in Jackson, MS. I shared my Craft Beer Grain Crackers and met some truly inspiring craftspeople, entrepreneurs, and artists!

Yes, I found inspiration at the bottom of a bottle. Watching the craft beer industry grow in Mississippi has given me the courage to launch my own venture. Continue reading “Craft Beer in Mississippi Never Ceases To Amaze!”